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March 24th, 2015

Wood You Care for a Chair?

Housefish elevates easy-to-assemble.

You’re a Pinterest junkie but when it comes to DIY, your skills are MIA.

Leave it to the pros at Housefish to create something crafty for your casa. The furniture company designs items that are useful, beautiful and easy to assemble, but also long-lasting. Their high quality, locally-sourced materials include sustainably harvested wood and recyclable metals, which makes you feel good about your purchasing addiction. Shop statement pieces like mid-century modern entertainment centers – choose maple or walnut, plus your fave door pattern ranging from saffron yellow to sage green – or seating staples like the Lock Chair, a wood and steel recliner in a variety of colors. Assembly is as easy as slide, lock and screw. 

If only your at-home updo was this simple.  

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