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September 22nd, 2020

Now Open :: Hopscotch

You become the artwork at immersive experience Hopscotch, now selling tickets for opening day Oct. 2


Hopscotch (tickets on sale for opening day Oct. 2)
Travis Park Plaza Building
711 Navarro St.
San Antonio

If you had it your way, the world would be nothing but pretty pastels.

Skip and double-jump your way to Hopscotch. The new permanent experience features 14 Instagrammable installations from artists in San Antonio and across the globe—there's art in every square inch of the two-story space, including the stairs and restrooms. Start by getting a cocktail in the lounge, below, to take with you to see the Rainbow Cave made from plastic bags and fishing nets (pictured)revolving optical illusions, art that projects onto your body (right), technology that creates multiple images of your dancing body, and other trippy, Seuss-esque elements.

Champagne wishes and cotton candy dreams. 

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