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June 3rd, 2021

Happy Birthday, Beth!

This month's birthday girl is a driving force in NOLA.

Our June birthday girl is Beth Nettles, founder of KreweCar. Her concierge ridesharing business—which includes car seats for kiddos—will have you traveling safely and in style.

Happy birthday! How are you celebrating this year?
Going to the beautiful Southern Hotel in Covington with dinner at their amazing restaurant, Oxlot 9

How many candles are you blowing out?

Tell us why New Orleans needed KreweCar.
New Orleans offers so many family-friendly activities and just about all of them involve alcohol. KreweCar started as a way for families to take advantage of what the city has to offer with your kids. I love being able to take my kids with me to places like Commander's Palace and give them experiences like that—while enjoying a martini. 

What feedback do you get from locals?
We are so lucky to have started KreweCar in such a supportive place. Locals have been amazing. We have a growing group of regulars who enjoy our personalized service and know our drivers well. They value the quality of customer service, cleanliness and reliability that KreweCar provides.

Most delicious reason you need to call a KreweCar?
Iced Irish Coffee at Finn McCool's.

All time favorite street to be driven down?
Moss Street

Best music to listen to while doing it?
Kristin Diable or Creole String Beans.

In life in general, are you the passenger or the driver?
Definitely driver.

What is your favorite part about being a business owner in the Crescent City?
The connections made with other business owners has been invaluable. 

Breakfast, lunch, dinner in NOLA - where are we most likely to find you?
Breakfast: Pagoda Cafe
Lunch: St. James Cheese Company
Dinner: Toups Meatery

People would be surprised to learn this about me…
I once ran a marathon without training.

What did the pandemic teach you?
That I really like hanging out with my family. And that starting a company based on people going places one month before the world shuts down is hard.

What is on your birthday wish list? 
I'm dreaming big! I have been a fan of Marianne Rodriguez’s work for a long time and one day would like to own a big piece of her original art. Also, I’m hoping for some spa treatments at Earthsavers, this light from Jade and a night at Bernard House.

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