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June 28th, 2021

Meet Jennifer Harkins of Mōtiv Fitness

We caught up with Jennifer Harkins, owner of brand new Mōtiv Fitness, which is offering 5 classes for $49 with today's Treat (regularly $140).

Tell us what sets Mōtiv apart. 
The local fitness landscape is saturated for sure in Houston. We try our best to connect with each client individually—not just to know their names—but get to know who they are, and understand how we can best fit into their daily lives. Our classes provide results, but it is our personal touch that sets us apart from others.

Your favorite Mōtiv class? 
Barre…. but don’t let that name fool you. Our barre class encompasses so much more than what one would expect. Resistance bands, weight work and core driven strengthening movements—this class is hard enough to make a grown man cry. We have seen it!

Most popular Mōtiv class? (Get 5 classes for $49 with today's Treat.)
Jump! Our trampoline class is by far one of the most popular because it incorporates the cardio and toning elements for total optimization of time.

Tip for an at-home, quickie workout on days when we can't fit in a class?
Resistance band work for glutes and outer thighs. But really, the secret sauce is all variations of planks. Core work is so essential—which is why we incorporate that into all of our classes.

Favorite area of your studio?
The retail area of course! Alo Yoga, Koral, Varley, lululemon and soon Ultracor! I love to go into the studio when it is closed and arrange all the retail, though I do not like changing the mannequin’s clothes.

Guilty pleasure? 
Bravo TV.

On the Mōtiv playlist...
I like originals and remixes. It’s hard to go wrong with Beyoncé, or Rihanna, but the 90s lover in me likes to mix in some alternative when I can!

Fitness apparel you can't live without.
Anything Varley and my Garmin watch.

When you're not at Mōtiv, how do you exercise?
I run. A lot.

What have you learned about fitness during the pandemic?
My goodness, if just about everyone I know bought a dadgum Peloton! I know working out at home is convenient—but I promise you, a better workout is done away from all of the distractions at your home. From a business standpoint, we need folks to come back! Our industry was hit hard, and we need all who are comfortable to come back and support local businesses!

Mōtiv Fitness has locations in Tanglewood and West U. Try Mōtiv Fitness with today's Treat - 5 classes for $49 (regularly $140). 

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