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April 27th, 2014

Our Q&A With Georgia Pellegrini

How an all-American cook uses her Le Creuset.

Meet Georgia Pellegrini, a stylish modern-day pioneer woman and classically trained former New York chef. Her fresh approach to seriously-sustainable eating made her book Girl Hunter: Revolutionizing The Way We Eat, One Hunt At A Time an overnight success, landing her on Jimmy Kimmel, Iron Chef and the pages of The New York Times -- "Carrie Bradshaw meets Annie Oakley." We checked in with the foodie for tips on encouraging kids to choose ingredients and what it's like to eat squirrel...
In your book you talk about growing up with a strong pioneer-type mother and grandmother. In what ways did your family shape your ideas about food?
One of the things I am most grateful for is that as a child my family fed me what they were eating at the dinner table. I was never made a separate meal, and so I had a very adventurous palate from the beginning. 
Fave foods as a child?
Avocado and spinach. My dad wrote a song on his guitar called "Avocado and Spinach Baby" because I ate so much of it!
You've worked in some of the world's finest restaurants. Fill in the blank: It's not cool to bring kids to a white tablecloth restaurant after _____ p.m.
It depends on the kid! I've seen children sitting and savoring fois gras in 5-star restaurants like little grown-ups.
Kitchen product you can't live without? 
I have a beautiful bright orange small Le Creuset Dutch Oven that I adore. It is the perfect splash of color in my white kitchen and makes me happy every time I cook in it. 
Talk to us about the squirrel recipe in your book. Can you describe what it tastes like in case we get adventurous enough to try it?
Squirrel is some of the best meat in the woods, but you are what you eat so it has to be squirrel that really is from the woods and has feasted on acorns and pecans. It is most similar to the dark meat of a chicken, but sweeter, nuttier and a bit buttery. It really is delicious if you are ready to branch out from the meat aisle of the grocery store!

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