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January 20th, 2012

Vote Vegetarian

Keep the new new times rollin' with a stop at one of the two Conscious Cravings trailer locations.

You've only watched films with subtitles. You've become a regular at an African dance class. You can now play "Where is My Mind?" by The Pixies on guitar. You vowed to get experimental this year and so far you're sticking to it.

Keep the new times rollin' with a stop at one of the two Express spot target="_blank">Conscious Cravings on campus, open during fall and spring semesters). Following the theory that easy eats can be healthy too, this legit vegetarian venue will make you reevaluate your carnivore conviction. When pan-seared, spiced up and topped with homemade mayo and vegan cheese, your tofu wrap will go from taboo to "I'll take two." Snag some thin rosemary baked fries and a flax seed smoothie for an all-around palate pleaser that costs just a few bucks.

Eat while standing on one foot with one hand tied behind your back--just to say you did it once.

Conscious Cravings
1311 S 1st St. (South Austin Trailer Park Eatery)
Austin, TX 78704

1901 Rio Grande
Austin, TX 78705


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