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August 9th, 2012

Nosh Like A New Orleanean

Beignet done that at Fatback Boucherie.

And now for a shout-out to all of our New Orleans transplants. Yeah, we know who you are. We've seen you crowding up Shoal Creek come football season.

Instead of Southwesting it to the Crescent City, a NOLA native has gifted our typically healthy city with a few totally worth-it treats from Fatback Boucherie. Step right up to the simple shack housed on the east side grounds of Springdale Farm, where come-and-get-it style fried boudin balls, crispy cracklins, savory gumbo, powdered sugar beignets and chicory coffee are served to perfection. Be sure to stay tuned to this eatery's FB page to double check their weekly schedule.

Now if only we could pass a pro go-cup law here in the ATX, you'd feel really at home.

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