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November 10th, 2008

Clock It To Me

Grab breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night grub in a flash and on a dime at "mmmpanadas":http://mmmpanadas.publishpath.com/:new.

Ever since the time change, it's three against one: your external clock, internal clock and alarm clock have all teamed up against you making punctuality a thing of the past.

This doesn't mean that your hollie-come-lately self should be a starving artist and make everyone in your office meeting suffer through the sounds of your growling stomach. Grab breakfast, lunch, dinner or late-night grub in-a-flash and on-a-dime at mmmpanadas. This mobile eatery at 5th and Brazos is serving up delicious empanadas on the cheap. With combos like Asparagus and Prosciutto or Soy Chorizo with Brie, you can treat yourself to gourmet food to go for less than a five spot.

Time might not be on your side right now, but with this this savory (or sweet) solution, you can take matters into your own hands and give punching the clock a whole new meaning.

mmmpanadas" />br
Brazos and 5th St.!br
Austin, TX 78798!br

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