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April 24th, 2017

Pop Art Meets Pop Tarts

Gawk at the delicious decor at The Factory - Cafe with a Soul.


The Factory - Cafe with a Soul
7718 Burnet Rd.

Ever dreamed about having waffles with Andy Warhol?

Live the fantasty at recently opened The Factory - Cafe with a Soul. The outrageous coffee shop tucked away in Allandale is a feast for the eyes, stomach and senses. A glance around the space reveals a pair of swings harnessed from the ceiling, a large black and white mural featuring notables ranging from Anna Wintour to David Beckham and Frida Kahlo, stacks of artistic hardbound books, a fully cushioned reading corner and a charming bicycle turned planter. The atmosphere is heightend all the more with menu specialities like the addictive chicken and waffles, gourmet pop tarts and sip spin-offs to celebrate the celeb set - think Marymint Monroe - coffee muddled with fresh mint - and Cocoa Chanel. And FYI - there's no WiFi. 

It's the Studio 54 of espressos. 

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