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March 12th, 2015

About A Buoy

Local brand Pool Buoy has got you covered.

Every year around mid-March, you reminisce about your Spring Break days and wonder why your desk job doesn't give you a week off to get drunk on the beach with your friends.

Indulge in some fun in the sun without the peeling sunburn of your youth with Pool Buoy, the first ever floating umbrella. Founded right here in San Antone by a local couple, the sturdy UV-rated umbrella shade is made to withstand wind and waves, all while providing you some protection from the sun. Throw in the added bonus of cup holders and you've got a party waiting to happen. Help support the cause at Kickstarter, where a donation of $120 or more gets you your very own Pool Buoy.

Finally, a fling with a buoy you won't regret.

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