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January 21st, 2019

8 Questions with the Blogger Stylin Brunette

Kristel Gonzaba, the local style setter behind Stylin Brunette, is co-hosting our Best Friend Party at Kendra Scott TOMORROW, and you're invited!

You're invited to sip champagne with San Antonio Tidbits and the Stylin Brunette TOMORROW, Wed, Jan 23, at The Best Friend Party at Kendra Scott Quarry Village. Every guest gets a gift from Hiatus Spa + Retreat. RSVP below to be the first in town to see Kendra Scott's new spring palette—but, first, get to know Kristel Gonzaba, the local style setter behind Stylin Brunette.

You're hosting our Best Friend Party at Kendra Scott this week. Who's your bestie and what are her best qualities?
Madelyn Duffey, and her best qualities are that she is patient, thoughtful, has impeccable style, she is always calm and poised, and willing to do any event or activity I suggest.

Favorite thing to do together?
We love to plan thoughtful parties and put together tablescapes.

Three of my qualities I'm glad she puts up with.
My inability to be anywhere on time, the fact that I want to craft anything and everything, and my love for vintage clothes and home decor.

What are three words to describe your personal style?
Vintage hostess inspired.

Best place in town for an Instagram post.
My backyard or the Pearl.

How do you relieve stress?
By crafting while watching The Golden Girls or I love Lucy and wearing a face mask.

Favorite podcast?
BBC Radio 1 Scott Mills Daily (a British podcast I have been listening to for almost 15 years). 

Favorite womenswear designers.
August Morgan (Austin-based). I try to wear and support women designers who design and make their garments in the USA.

Something our readers would be surprised to learn about you.
I taught myself how to sew in July and I am obsessed! I also only sew from vintage patterns from the 1960s. Wearing a dress I made brings me so much joy! 

Join Kristel at our Best Friend Party at Kendra Scott Quarry Village TOMORROW. Bring your gals!

Wed, Jan 23, 6 - 8 p.m. // Kendra Scott Quarry Village 
RSVP for you and your bestie! 

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