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July 22nd, 2020

You Need A Tiny Cabin

Getaway comes to Texas. The concept provides teeny, secluded cabins in Wimberley, in addition to remote outposts outside Dallas and Houston.

There's a cabin in the woods and only you know the code.

Sound like a pandemic dream? Check in to Getaway. Once you book, you'll get the exact location of your tiny cabin in Wimberley, plus your personalized door code. There's no staff at the cluster of outposts with names like Arlene and Clair, and you might go your whole visit without seeing another soul. Cabins are stocked with biodegradable shower products, linens, kitchen essentials, a firepit, picnic table and chairs. Choose from two-human-size or four-human-size - dogs are allowed. BYO wine and provisions and choose from snacks and firewood bundles on-site - they'll bill you for what you use. There's no Wifi and your cell service might be spotty.

A complete break from 2020... and it's not a mirage.

Photos: @naturallybell

@getawayhouse // 617.914.0021

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