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March 16th, 2015

Batch Me If You Can

Batch features specially-curated local goods around our fave state in their new "Tour of Texas."

During your last road trip, your S.O. listened to Serial while you started snoring before you even hit Schertz.

Taste-test the best of Texas without making shady gas stations stops with the Batch Tour of Texas. Each Batch box features locally-made products from the featured city. This year's tour hits Austin in April, SA in May, plus Fort Worth, El Paso, Houston and Dallas each month through September. Sign up for the entire tour of the Lone Star State by April 1 and get a Texas-sized discount PLUS free shipping - totaling only $200 for all 6 cities. Prefer to keep your pride to one area? Each themed box is only $40 and includes other Southern cities, such as ATL, Memphis, Charleston and the co-creators' hometown of Nashville.

Letting you focus on prepping the playlist.

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