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December 15th, 2017

Happy Birthday, Desiree!

This month's birthday girl is Desiree Ontiveros, the fab founder of NOLA-based Badass Balloon Co., who blows out her candles tomorrow. Bring her a tamale and become her friend for life.

Happy Birthday! What's your perfect NOLA birthday treat?
Laduree’s Rose Macaroons.

How are you celebrating your birthday? We assume balloons will be involved.
I am hosting a champagne buffet in my home for all of my favorite people!

What's the perk of having a December birthday?
Tamales! December is when everyone makes tamales. It's my favorite birthday meal.

What is on your wishlist this year?
I am a new coffee drinker (I know, that’s bizarre), so I am on a hunt for a fashionable coffee making apparatus.

Your company is fun and festive. What gave you the idea to create talky balloons?
Fresh out of foot surgery two years ago on my birthday, I was put in charge of designing swag for one of my best friend's bachelorette parties in San Francisco. With all the time I had on my hands recovering, I was able to extensively research all of the customizable products on the market. Budgeting for swag read more like a business plan. I saw an opportunity and moved on it - 20 months later here we are!

What is the largest amount of balloons anyone has ever ordered?
The singer Miguel purchased several dozen for his fiancée Naznin’s birthday this summer. She loved them and she and her guests had fun Instagramming them.

What NOLA spots are the best places to hit for a celebratory moment?
When I receive fantastic news, you will usually find me having tuna tartar and champagne at the bar at Doris Metropolitan or sipping on a Ramos Gin Fizz at The Sazerac Bar.

What's more festive...
Brunch or dinner? Brunch!
Champagne or cocktails? Champagne
Live Music or a DJ? Live music

Favorite boutiques to shop for a new party outfit?
Downtown: UAL. Uptown: Kay’s on Magazine.

Tell us something our readers might be surprised to learn about you.
I make the best bowl of chili you will ever have in your lifetime.

How many candles are you blowing out this year?
I’ve stopped counting, but according to my mom, 36ish.

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