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November 17th, 2020

Adaptogen And Overcome

Certified organic adaptogenic latte blends from Glow Flow Chefs make for a simple daily addition.

You're keeping gratitude notebooks, listening to mindful podcasts and meditating at stop lights. 

Want one more way to manage your stress this year? Look to the adaptogenic matcha blend from NOLA-based, sister-born concept Glow Flow Chefs. The delish mix of herbs and ingredients like coconut milk powder and Lion’s Mane mushroom in each serving helps to minimize tension, boost energy, restore balance and level out your vibe beverage by beverage. Add to your healthful drinks a frother to make blending a breeze and a handcrated ceramic mug for pretty partaking—ritual kits are also available for the complete picture. 

The jitterverse has spoken.

Photo: @gabbyphi

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