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October 3rd, 2008

Tie One On

Keep dreaming with "Apron Allure":http://www.apronallure.com/:new, the too-cute-for-the-kitchen line of designer aprons.

Barefoot, pregnant, and frantically microwaving dinner for screaming children was not your vision of motherhood. In your fantasy, you're stilettoed, sipping a glass of red, effortlessly tossing together an international feast for gracious children, and sporting a chic designer get-up.

Austinite Lori Humphrey encourages moms to keep dreaming with Apron Allure, her too-cute-for-the-kitchen line of designer aprons. Inspired by her grandmother's handiwork, Lori's vintage-glam designs will bring style to any chef, even if worn over gym clothes or a ratty nightgown.

You may not greet your husband at the door while dressed in saran wrap, but this is your fantasy, not his.


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