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March 17th, 2008

Fairy Godmommy

The *Posie and Me Toothfairie Pillow* is the perfect gift to mark the transition from permanent to primary.

Moms love marking a milestone. We stand poised with both camera and anticipation, ready to capture that next baby book "First." Kids may not remember the first tooth they got (although it's well documented), but they're ready to throw a party for the first tooth lost.

The Posie and Me Toothfairie Pillow is the perfect gift to mark the proud transition from primary to permanent. Lady bug, turtle, flower or rocket ship appliqués adorn these cutesy cushions, and a perfect little pocket is snugly sewn to hold both tooth and treasure.

A surprise inside will guarantee a gummy grin in the morning.

Posie and Me" />br

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