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September 19th, 2012


in.gredients introduces an entirely new way to grocery shop.


2610 Manor Rd.

 When it comes to keeping your family safe, you walk a fine line between a BPA-conscious chemical-adverse mom and paranoid label-obsessive lunatic.  

Visit in.gredients, a place where only good options live. The only zero waste, package-free grocery in the US, the market is thoughtfully filled with bushels of fresh, seasonal produce for you to peck. Just bring your empties into the store (jars, covered containers, bottles), fill them with the positive food pyramid items, and then weigh out to pay out. Also in the house are local faves like slices from East Side Pies, as well as wine and cider on tap.

And no one to ask you the eco-stunting question: paper or plastic?

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