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April 10th, 2013

Clean Your Plate

Take your healthy cues from this momma-blogger.

While we're focused on spring cleaning the playroom, Victoria Slocum is focused on cleaning up her family's meals. The popular blogger behind Green Plate Rule took a timeout from prepping fresh lunches and making the rounds at farmer's markets to give us the scoop on home hangover remedies and what to pack when travel munchies strike.

All moms dread their live-in alarm clocks the morning after a late date night. What's your best advice for an all-natural hangover remedy?
Lots of water, orange juice with a little fresh grated ginger and a banana dipped in honey. Tomatoes are also very good to help a hangover, but may not sound so appetizing if you're not feeling well.
What's the answer to keeping healthy snacks fresh during plane travel?
I will travel with a small Thirty-One lunch tote, but it's necessary to pack foods that will hold up well. I usually bring a couple organic lollipops on flights for my girls as a little treat. If I'm on a long trip, I will make a tortilla roll-up with almond butter and jelly -- sandwich bread would never hold up!
Are you addicted to any cooking shows?
I learned to cook watching the Food Channel. Actually, I was watching the Food Channel while in labor with my first daughter! My competitive and creative side loves watching Chopped. Now, if they would just get a vegan chef!
What's the one food you can't get your kids to touch?
It used to be asparagus, but they recently learned it makes urine smell, so now it's all the rage. They will not touch anything with food dyes - I've always explained food dyes are harmful. Earlier this school year, my daughter's preschool teacher told me that my daughter asked her to scrape the icing off a cupcake since it had food dye. Proud mom moment! She's continued turning down candy and colorful icing since.

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