Cinema Paradiso

What's better than escaping the heat, sinking into obscurity in a dark cold theater and having popcorn for dinner? Why is it that once kids arrive, movie dates are one of the first things to go?

Austin's staple cinema, The Alamo Drafthouse, has a series of events that combats parents' every excuse to skip a trip to the movies.

Parents Afternoon Out at the Village Drafthouse has found the sitters for you. Every third Saturday of the month, parents can drop kids off at neighboring Body Business with a $10 child care voucher and enjoy a kid-free matinée.

Lamar and Tuesdays and Fridays at Village target="_blank">Baby Day. If Baby screams his head off, hey, you're among friends.

The Alamo Drafthouse feeds us, entertains us, and now takes care of our kids. Now if they could only clean our house, walk the dog and grocery shop"

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