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April 27th, 2020

The Quarantine Dictionary

Our lighthearted guide to lockdown vernacular.

zoom // When you rush across the room to refill your cocktail before the conference call.

omgré // The blending of one's untreated hair color from a graduating blonde to brown with gray roots.

strawbucks // Your budget for curbside cocktail kits and drive-through frozen drinks.

FOMO // Fear Of Making Out.

stimulus check // Casually asking a friend if she received her direct deposit, in an attempt to find out how much she earns.

WFH (Wine From Home) // The glass of wine you disguise in a coffee mug for the final team meeting of the day.

normal-sea // Optimistically researching summertime travel. 

DUI (Drawing Under the Influencer) // DIY craft pursuits and hobbies you attempted because of Instagram pressure.

iso-lay-tion // The time of day you schedule sex during quarantine. 

social distancing // Waiting to post on Instagram until the middle of the night.

bar soap // Disinfecting bottles of booze before bringing them inside. 

roomba // When your partner in the dance cardio livestream is a wireless vacuum.

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