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May 20th, 2009

United Colors

Do your part and help an orphan in Africa with the purchase of a trendy bracelet.

Angelina did it - so why can't you? Uh, we meant wear all black and rock a back tattoo, not adopt a child.

Wherever you are on the mommy track, you want to do your part to combat global poverty among children, and not just 'cause it's trendy. Austin-based Common Threadz, the charity-minded t-shirt company that has outfitted countless celebs, has launched Bracelets 4 Orphans. For a $20 donation, an orphan gets a new school uniform, and you get a super-cute knotted bracelet made from natural plant fiber and crafted by South Africans the non-profit employs. You'll also get information about the child you've helped in case you want to start correspondence, and your name goes on a Thank You Wall in Africa.

You can't afford a fleet of beautiful international children, so this summer, make another kind of statement.


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