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February 27th, 2009

Swap Meet

Make an appointment with your own personal stylist and closet organizer, Ryan Bell.

No one's gonna tell _you_ what not to wear, right? Wrong. Honey, the state of your closet - and your portfolio - is pitiful these days. It's time to call in an expert.

Enter Ryan Bell, long-time manager of the adored Abejas boutique and owner of Epoh Exchange. Here's the scoop: Ryan gives your closet a once-over with the trained eye of a fashion insider, tells you what to ditch, styles and snaps Polaroids of your best outfits, and then organizes it in made-for-TV color coordination. She recommends key pieces you're missing and, since we could all use a little extra cash these days, she sells the best of your cast-offs on eBay and splits the profits with you.

You know there shouldn't be any sequined shrugs circa 2003 in your closet - you just need a second opinion. And she's _way_ nicer than Stacy and Clinton.

Epoh Exchange, 832.721.7225
$75 per hour
Tidbits readers get 20% off their first session" /> (Book during March.)

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