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June 20th, 2008

Star Power

The funky, feminine pieces from local jewelry designer Gin Bartlett are getting plenty of celeb attention.

If diligently studying _Us Weekly_ has taught you anything, it's this: Stars - they're just like us! They fill up their cars with $4 gas, they pick up their dog's poo, they have stores shut down so they can shop in private. Uh, maybe not that last one.

Even if you can't get celeb treatment, you can get their look by picking up funky, feminine pieces from local jewelry designer, Gin Bartlett. This It Girl is getting tons of buzz - she even created the necklace the Russian gifted Carrie in the Paris episode. "In the know" boutiques around here carry her line - so get your hands on the necklaces Courteney and Paris wear, or the ring Audrina loves.

Now, get back to that important "research" - E News is covering controversial issues tonight.


_Sold at Brown Eyes Blue, Willow and Soho_

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