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September 21st, 2011

Stainless Steal

The Little Bird, the drool-worthy consignment shop concept, has flown here all the way from Aspen.

Shoving her pricey Prada into your clutch and praying you have it back before your best friend notices? Save yourself the fear of spilling pinot on her favorite cocktail dress, and sift worry-free at The Little Bird.

The drool-worthy consignment shop concept flew here all the way from Aspen, where furry-footed socialites cast off never-worn goods. Their second-ever location near the Galleria stocks creme de la chic pieces from the world's most enviable closets. You may find a one-of-only-three Fendi coat (whose match is owned by J.Lo herself), the perfect pair of Jimmy Choos for $195 or current-season J Brands for $95. The ever-changing stock and gallery-esque set up warrants repeat visits... and giving that credit card you just paid off a little cardio.

Besides, guilt borrowing adds five pounds.

The Little Bird
1735 Post Oak Boulevard
Houston, TX 77056

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