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April 13th, 2017

Carb Free Spaghetti Straps

Namu Shop is a local biz that showcases Japanese brands.

Lately your Uber Eats charges have far exceeded your Uber charges.

When you finally decide to make (and keep) plans, mark your re-entry into society by wearing an effortless garment from Namu Shop. The brand new biz expertly picks lines from Japan and Korea to bring to discerning Houston shoppers. Get acquainted with Eastern labels like Anaak and Ichi Antiquites (delicate silk slip dresses, linen tunics and other timeless basics) and embrace silhouettes that are special in their restraint.

Until then, here's hoping the delivery driver leaves the food on your porch as instructed and doesn't force any human interaction.

Be the first to try on Namu at their pop-up at Myth & Symbol boutique in Rice Village Saturday, April 29, from 12 - 5 p.m.

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