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October 29th, 2009

She Goes Eco

Want aqua handlebars? Houston Fixed Gear offers completely customized bikes.

See Jane commute. See Jane pollute. See Jane cash in her clunker for an eco-chic cycle.

Considering getting from Point A to Point B in a sweet new ride from Houston Fixed Gear, perfect for the casual commuter. The brand bike shop invites the kind of girl who wants her handlebars to match her headband, since the models are completely customized. Aqua handlebars? Sure. Hot pink chains? You got it. In other hipster-approved hues like wasabi, sky blue and metallic, you'll be the coolest chick to circle the Westheimer Curve. Vintage bikes are sometimes on hand and they're also handy with repairs.

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Houston Fixed Gear
2309 Dunlavy
Houston, TX 77006

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