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November 9th, 2020

Free Ryde Class With Your Twinkle Market Ticket!

When you reserve your ticket to the Tidbits Twinkle Market, you'll get a $28 class pass to RYDE as a thanks.

This is gonna be a HIIT.

When you purchase a ticket to the Tidbits Twinkle Market, you'll get a RYDE class pass as a thanks ($28 value). Use your freebie for a cycling class at the sleek River Oaks or Downtown studio, or to experience the brand new rhythm-based MOVE class, a 45-minute full-body, beat-based, strength-training workout. The locally-owned fitness concept also offers RYDE On-Demand, so you can follow your favorite instructors and experience full-body or bike-based classes anywhere your Wifi takes you. 
The wheels on the butt go round and round.
No walk-ups. Tickets to the Twinkle Market must be purchased in advance. You'll get your class pass upon arrival.

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