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January 14th, 2010

Potty Mouth

Get fresh with undies recycled from plastic bottles, available at brand new One Green Street.

Hmmm, wonder what your undergarments would say if they could talk? That tattered bra might beg for a day off. And those granny panties don't exactly purr _come to mama_, do they?

Undress a statement with skivvies from One Green Street. The new organic mega-boutique is fun to shop – think housewares, beauty products, apparel and a section for sipping coffee and wine. (Now, even your hangover can be all-natural) We tried these soft cotton undies made from recycled bottles with a message _behind_ them. Get your mind out of the gutter – the Virgin pair reminds us not to fill landfills with shampoo bottles, Tap tells the virtues of shutting off water, and Turn On simply implores you to save resources at home.

So shut off the lights and get frisky. It's the least you can do for Planet Earth.

One Green Street (opens this Saturday)
5160 Buffalo Speedway
Houston, TX 77005

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