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November 22nd, 2009

No Hostess Gift Required

Branch Water Tavern offers eclectic cuisine, seasonal cocktails, artisan beers and boutique wines.

Your friend who has it all together organizes elaborate dinner parties using food she bought at the farmers market. The last time you put that much effort into a meal was determining whether your hot waiter at Escalante's was gay.

Get back to basics and enjoy super-fresh cuisine at Branch Water Tavern, a modern American tavern that just opened off of Washington. (If you had a dime for every time that party strip served you a hangover…) Two hot young thangs - both have impressive New York and local restaurant backgrounds - have developed an inventive menu, sourced from area farms and built around a library of whiskeys (made from fresh stream or "branch" water), plus well-priced wines and seasonal cocktails. Ask for white cheddar grits with your venison medallions. It's good food without the fuss.

Unlike your hostess friend, who calligraphies her own placecards and makes everyone listen to classical music.

Branch Water Tavern
510 Shepherd
Houston, TX 77007

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