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April 3rd, 2017

Local Line to Watch :: Modern Artifacts

Dig for treasure from local handmade jewelry brand Modern Artifacts.

Your mirror has two faces. There's the you that starts the day with a workout, a totally organized schedule and a dedication to green juice. Then there's the 5 o'clock you who craves an extended happy hour, hours of mindless TV and a regrettably late bedtime. 

The double-toned cuffs from Modern Artifacts may just be your jewelry spirit animal. We are stone cold obsessed with the Linea cuff. Created by Houston-born metal artist Heather Ashley Wobbe, a former museum curatorial assistant, the impactful bracelet is available as pictured above and in two other colorways - a slim gold-on-gold and a thicker white and sterling silver. The brand will pop up at bohemian shopping wonderland FleaStyle April 29.

It's time to embrace your personality twofold. 

Limited selection available at Space Montrose.

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