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April 30th, 2009

Mama Mia

This Mother's Day, opt for vintage greeting cards from Laura U.

She took pride in your macaroni necklaces and showed off your finger paintings to company.

A mother's love is timeless, so avoid grocery store greetings and select Cartephilia this year instead. A local artist created a line of Mother's Day cards when she stumbled across a treasure: a turn-of-the-century scrapbook filled with antique postcards from the Louvre. Black and white versions of famous mother and daughter depictions adorn luxe paper, vintage lace and other found objects. Inside, the page is blank - meaning you'll have to find a way to say thanks to the woman who has wiped your tush, your tears, and so much more.

You're all grown up now, and wise enough to know someone else's art beats your own.

Available at Laura U Collection

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