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January 10th, 2013

Making Waves

Meet an 18-year-old It Girl who's as sweet as she is stunning.

Your modeling dreams were put to a halt when you peaked at 5'2 in ninth grade. 

Live vicariously through Beaumont-reared beauty Bay Berger. At only age 15, the stylish teen was discovered when her mom sent her Homecoming pics to agencies. (She says her her spray tan for the event was totally embarrassing.) Nevertheless, she was instantly whisked away to LA and Japan to conquer the international walkways. Catch her on the cover of the current issue of Houston's brand-new chic weekly mag Style (published by the Houston Chronicle). Flawless even without a drop of makeup, she transforms with five fresh-for-2013 makeup looks you can adapt on your own.

Beauty is in the eye of the stiletto holder.

Photo: Julie Soefer

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