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July 3rd, 2012

Let Freedom Bling

Snap, crackle, shop. Heirloom jewelry gets a facelift for summer.

In the world of fireworks, your wardrobe has become a dud.

Add a color explosion of funky flair with accessories from new ELMELM, launched by local sisters who share the initials ELM. The two hunt and peck for ooh and ahh inspiring vintage rhinestone sparklers, and then painstakingly hand-paint them in an explosive neon palette. Hot pink, lickable lemon and bright turquoise hues transform geometric necklaces and dripping earrings into wearable works of artistry that take themselves a lot less seriously than their diamond predecessors.

You’re gonna sizzle for fizzle.

ELMELM on Etsy

Enter shop coupon code TIDBITS at checkout for 15% off your entire purchase through July 16th!

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