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June 17th, 2012

Keeping Up With the Kaurinas

Get cooled down during these scorching summer months with an all natural kulfi pop from Kaurina's.

Popsicles are pedestrian and you can’t bring yourself to ask for a topping called a “crushin”.

We’ve found a new summer treat as exotic as your poolside bangles—an all-natural Kulfi pop from Kaurina’s. The original ice cream of India introduced to the region by Mughal royalty in the 1500s (so they’ve had time to perfect the recipe), the delish, low-cal delights consist of cooked milk, sugar and gluten-free ingreds. Just in time for summer, a Texas family has perfected their family secret spin-offs with flavors like pistachio almond, mango, coconut and a rice pudding-themed kheer.

We think you’ll go nutty, buddy.


Available at select locations of Fiesta. Coming soon to HEB.

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