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November 28th, 2007

Just Like New

If you are a bargain seeker who has a fetish for designer items, e-boutique www.5thAvenueResale.com is a site worth bookmarking.

Although sporting your older sister's clothing cast-offs might not have made you the most popular gal on the playground, the right hand-me-down purchase (made with a mind of your own) can make for quite the wardrobe upgrade.

If you are a bargain seeker with a fetish for designer items, Austin based e-boutique Bella Boutique Sana & Co Linda Asaf target="_blank">www.5thAvenueResale.com and Girl Next Door Take advantage of the interactive option and you, too, can consign your "it's just not me anymore" treasures.

With a few well thought-out clicks, you'll be voted most likely to have your closet raided in no time.


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