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January 26th, 2010

It's All Relative

The players behind Tres Chic and Itsy Bitsy Boutique make up one fashionable fam.

It seems what your family does best together is eat, drink, be merry... and fight passive-aggressively. Entrepreneurs who encourage one another's creative talents? Not so much.

There's no family drama at Tres Chic, the long-beloved boutique run by a mom and daughter who only argue over who can source the cutest accessories. We go to scout jewelry and scarves on the cheap.

And down the hall, they've welcomed a new neighbor. Their fashionable first cousin, a former merchandiser for GAP Kids, has opened the well-priced Itsy Bitsy Boutique, where tiny tots can try out styles like the pastel ruffled bloomers we wish came in our size.

This kind of friendly family togetherness gives new meaning to the dysfunction displayed when you went home for the holidays.

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