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June 17th, 2012

Introducing The POP Shop

Help keep Pop living the good life with fine smokes from Hight Cigars.

Your father prefers the finer things in life—his Mercedes S Class, Beretta competition shotgun and the perfect sound ice makes when it hits his crystal whiskey glass.

Keep Pop (and the man in your life) wrapped around your diamond-encrusted finger with a gift of the good life—fine smokes from Hight Cigars. Founded by young local toque Chip Hight, each “chef inspired” flavor is barrel aged and hand-rolled in a small factory in Nicaragua to give it a unique nose and smell. (You’ve spotted them in the hands of aficianados at Sullivan’s and ZaZa.) Today’s Treat buys you a bespoke selection of eight medium and full bodied cigars—including bourbon flavoring and a special pre-release of the Messina Hof port barrel aged—all wrapped in a highballer-approved Scotch inspired craft paper tube.

Let Dad know he’s still smokin’.

Take half off eight Hight Cigars with today’s Treat.

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