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July 30th, 2009

Indian Princess

To get show-stopping, tribal-inspired accessories, head to hipster Marfa, Texas by way of the Windy Freda website.

Your inspiration for accessorizing can come from anywhere. You watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and wear pearls for a week, then feel like channeling Kate in Almost Famous with your best '70s-style headbands.

Get red carpet ready with show-stopping accessories made in Marfa, Texas, by way of Windy Freda. Originally from Bryan, hipster Susannah Lipsey (pictured) has created a lust-worthy line of accessories reminiscent of the wide open West Texas plains. The artist has a background in New York theatre, and it shows with her over-the-top headbands, hair pieces, jewelry and suspenders, some fashioned from vintage hats and bras. From pretty plumes to intricate lace and metallic ribbons, you simply won't be able to choose from her line-up of tribal-inspired looks.

HBO's playing a marathon of Sex and the City. Where did you put all your oversized flower pins?


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