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September 21st, 2016

$11 Pilates Reformer Classes

The new location of HIP Fitness opened today. High intensity pilates.

When you found out there were 125 calories in a glass of red wine, you decided to only drink while you walked on your treadmill.
Enjoy your indulgences and then head to HIP Fitness to grind off the grapes. The Megaformer-based fitness sensation opened its second location today - take 70% off either spot with today's Treat. Each 45-minute class will have you operating at max capacity - you'll literally shake from the effort of the pilates cardio, strengthening and toning combo. Based on the celebrity-coveted Lagree fitness method, the session's heart-pumping music guides you through hundreds of exercises to help create the lean physique you've had on your bucket list. With today's Treat you'll score 4 classes for $45 or 10 classes for $95, a 70% percent discount. 
Don't drink and incline. 
Photo: @katherine_whaley
Use at one or both locations - River Oaks area and West U.

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