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November 8th, 2011

Frequent Buyer Miles

Remember: you have the right to remain stylish.

Despite the annoyance of having to take off all your accessories to make it through the airport security check, there is one benefit: getting to scope out that well-traveled looking chick's bling while she gets a pat down.

Be the cutest bin on the belt with the new jewelry line from boot bandits riders and handbag tassels pictured left, the designers (one from Dallas) have expanded their stylish reach to an eclectic mix of brushed silver, gold and brass pieces that are a little bit country, a little bit on-trend tribal. From Thunderbird belt buckle bracelets and lambskin leather wrist wraps, to Native American-style rings and earrings target="_blank">The 2 Bandits, you'll easily look the part of a world traveler.

And if you get asked to step aside, just remember: you have the right to remain stylish.


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