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January 2nd, 2013

Fiscally Fit

Invest in your bottom line.


The Bar Method
503 Westheimer Rd.

You’ve been perfecting your bar technique since age 21. Raising up on your toes to catch the bartender’s eye, stretching to reach for an extra lime, twisting to glance back and ask your friends for their orders.

Put your skills to the test at The Bar Method, brand new to Houston. Based on the Lotte Berk technique and beloved by celebs like Zooey Deschanel and Drew Barrymore, these killer classes are a cocktail of toning, interval training and dance, concocted to slim, tone and burn. With our 5-pack of classes for just $50 (regularly $110), you’ll literally reshape your body in a way that a gossipy loop around Memorial Park never could.

Next time you play quarters at the club, you’ll be able to bounce one right off your ass.

Today, get 5 classes for $10 each at The Bar Method!

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