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November 7th, 2008

To Dye For

The long-anticipated opening of the new Solution for Hair is upon us - and you'll love how the set-up leaves plenty of room for gabbing.

Endless highlighting and lowlighting sessions in a quest to obtain what God didn't give you, and grueling maintenance to keep grays in hiding. Let's face it, we all rely on color from a bottle now and then.

Fellow fake blondes, unite" /> The new Solution for Hair & Makeup is finally open - the make-you-gasp chandelier up front is your indication that you're in a seriously chic salon. Smock up and get cozy in the community color room. Rather than separating clients at stations or banishing them to a corner while their color sets, the stylist's chairs are placed around a 14-foot white oak table, giving you plenty of space for your laptop, fashion mags and coffee. Most important - it's the _perfect_ set-up for a little gossip over foiling.

So when that catty one leaves the room, you can whisper to the other gals that you knew her in elementary when she was a kinky brunette, and that there's nothing "natural" about those auburn locks.

Solution for Hair & Makeup!br
1800 Westheimer!br
Houston, TX 77098!br

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