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August 22nd, 2008

Dude Looks Like a Lady

Laurann Claridge - of PaperCity and Lucky fame - has created cotton oxford shirts to brings out our inner preppy.

You work hard to look like you didn't try. You've perfected the messy bun, and look chic in diamonds and sweats. Nothing says, "I rolled out of bed looking this hot"� like wearing a guy's dress shirt.

Thankfully, the boyfriend look is hot for fall. Case in point: Katie is peg-rolling Tom's baggy jeans (um, are his even long enough?). The brand new line Claridge + King is the brainchild of Laurann Claridge (of PaperCity and Lucky fame). Her cotton oxford shirts are designed to bring out your inner preppy. The classic look in blue or white is sure to last through the ages - and the boyfriends. Feminine lines, mother of pearl buttons and monogramming make this a look all your own.

Fight your way into the boy's club - that girl next door beauty is all you'll need.


_Available at Tootsies, Elaine Turner and Kuhl-Linscomb._

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