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September 3rd, 2013

Knit Wit

Inside the loop.

Some refer to you as detail-oriented while others may describe you as a neurotic bitch.

Soften your image by concentrating on a totally-sweet DIY project. Won't your guests be impressed to learn you handcrafted your own powder room hand towels? Local contemporary domestics line Purl & Loop's washcloth knit kit just got picked by Williams-Sonoma. The handy set has all the materials for a Pinterest brag - yarn, a bamboo needle and dummy proof instructions that promise completion in 3-4 hours time (depending on your attention span). Beginner crafters have no fear: the pattern is easy, but the finished product is phenomenal. As a lagniappe, you'll get two bars of goat's milk and olive hand soap.

The bathroom mirror has two faces.

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