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March 1st, 2016

Oh. My. Quad.

We're jumping for joy over the new class at DEFINE body & mind - use today's Treat for all their class types.

Things that should bounce: ponytails and the quarter that just landed on your arse. 

If things are feeling less than tight these days, tone up at the all-new DEFINE bounce class, $8 with today's Tidbits Treat. Their new class is a heart-pumping, booty-blasting, uber-tough workout incorporating trampolines, weights and resistance bands. Buy our Treat to be one of the first to experience the cutting edge new type of sweat session, set to tunes to get you moving. See what kind of full-body results happen when your workout gets you in the air.
Lady and the tramp.
Current and past clients are welcome to buy this deal!
Use your 10-pack of classes for DEFINE body, mind, rev and bounce classes. DEFINE bounce starts March 8.
Good for River Oaks, Montrose, West U and Tanglewood studios - cannot be used in Sugar Land or The Woodlands.

Try DEFINE bounce for free during the Preview Weekend March 4-5 at DEFINE: West University. Register here! 

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