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May 5th, 2016

Merch to Match Your Margarita

Introducing Cooperativa, the Moda Operandi of Latin America.

Your friends are sick of hearing you talk about the copper cuff you drunkenly lost circa 2009. 
Quit crying over spilled jewelry and focus on the things you can find on brand new Texas-based Cooperativa. Behold the insane mix of never-heard-of apparel and jewelry made in Latin America and available for e-purchase for the first time. Super chic Mexico City transplant Araceli Graham uses her prowess to bring to the States designers who are more like artists, some famous in their home countries of Mexico, Colombia and El Salvador, others undiscovered. Nearly every brand - from handpainted dresses, unreal caftans, killer turbans and jute jewelry - is exclusive to the States so you'll find pieces no basic bitch has ever gotten her hands on.
Cinco de Buy-o. 

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