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October 13th, 2011

Cocktails With... Chloe Dao

Meet Chloe Dao and shop her never-sold-before samples at the Tidbits Sale.

As the Runway heats up with tonight's finale send-off, we sat down with winner Chloe Dao, who made the cut and did Houstonians proud, to dish about her recent wedding and the best celeb style. Meet Chloe when she sells, for the first time, one-of-a-kind samples from her archives at the Tidbits Sale next week.

Tidbits: How did Fashion Houston go last week (pictured)?
Chloe: It really is so high quality, I feel like I'm back in New York.

Tidbits: Congrats on your recent wedding" /> You have a line of couture bridal gowns--what was it like designing your own?
Chloe: I did it in one day. The best thing about being a fashion designer is that you really know what you look good in. I wanted something classic and beautiful and I used lace and enhanced my best features.

Tidbits: Keep up with the Project Runway crew?
Chloe: We don't really get to see each other. But I do have Tim Gunn's phone number and could call him if I wanted to!

Tidbits: Who are you dying to style?
Chloe: Cate Blanchett. She takes risks and is beyond talented. What is so beautiful about her is she exudes class, but is not a predictable beauty.

Tidbits: When your fingers can't drape or pin anymore, you wind down with a...
Chloe: Kir Royal!

Read the full interview here.

Tidbits Sale
Tuesday, October 25th, 4 - 7:30 p.m.
Hudson Lounge

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Chloe will bring frocks straight from the runway. The impossible-to-get pieces will start at $100.

Photo: Jay Marroquin

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