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June 21st, 2013

Editor's Picks: Local Vintage Done Right

Don't let your wardrobe fall skort.

You tend to trend, but when your favorite blogger embraced the skort comeback, you decided this is when you put your wedge sneaker down. 

Strut to Upper Kirby’s Cheeky Vintage and relish a bungalow boutique filled to the brim with unexpected classics. The Houston gem has an expertly edited collection of Hermes handbags, Chanel bracelets, Zoe-esque gold necklaces and summertime frocks to swoon over. This is vintage shopping made easy - racks are color coded by garment type, nothing's tattered and nothing smells. The shop is so admired, in fact, Tory Burch shopped there last time she was in town. Our editors have picked some of their favorites for a special pop-up site going live today - take 25% off the entire store and site.

Because there's no sense in seeing the world through lensless glasses.

View the slideshow and shop online to see our picks, but step inside the wonderland boutique to see all the goodies.


Take 25% off the entire store or online with code TIDBITS through July 6.

Who's that girl? We chased down Valerie Dittner, pictured above, a fashion blogger who's taken up modeling for Cheeky, to find out how she mixes past-era finds with modern trends.

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