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August 15th, 2008

Celeb Stalker

Laura U has gorgeous citronella candles to keep pesky mosquitos at bay.

Just like the friends and eligible men that follow everywhere you go, it's impossible to keep pesky mosquitoes away. The blood-suckers are like your own personal paparazzi: hungry and relentless.

The next time you entertain al fresco, swat away the smelly Off and fire up a gorgeous citronella oil lamp from Laura U instead. Starting at $15, these round pots fit any stylish mood you're in, from mod white to romantic rose. They're perfect outdoors to keep the bugs at bay, or inside to burn scented oils.

If only you could keep the party-crashers and shutter bugs away from your exclusive soiree.


Laura U Collection" />br
1840 Westheimer Rd.!br
Houston, TX 77098!br

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